Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teacher Fails At Twitter

Up in Northern California this teacher named Krista Hodges is sick of her damned students and she isn't afraid to let people know using her Twitter account. While she has not been fired she is going to be “disciplined” which means she will likely be moved to another school because its harder to fire a teacher than it is for me to have a healthy relationship. That's pretty hard. Between April and June of this year she tweeted that some of the kids in her class “make my trigger finger itchy” as well as saying she wanted to stab some students and pour coffee on others. I wonder what warrants each of these. Maybe talking too much gets a stabbing while not turning in homework gets you Folgers in your face. Hodges says she regrets sending the tweets and says she didn't expect anyone to take them seriously...because she's a silly person. I swear, if you're in school you already have to worry about being shot by students or fucked by teachers. Now you gotta worry about teachers wanting to get your ass.  

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