Monday, September 15, 2014

Old Lady Likes Her Quiet

It's hard enough having to take music in school what with everyone calling you a nerd and such. It stinks when you have to take your instrument home. It stinks even more when someone aims a gun at your ass for practicing. 60 year old Cheryl Ann Pifer of Clifton, Colorado pointed her rifle at an 11 year old boy and some other kids in a backyard because she didn't like his clarinet playing. The kid told Pifer that he couldn't play it inside his grandma's house because a baby was sleeping. Pifer didn't want to hear that shit so she shouted “Fire in the hole!” and aimed her gun at them. She faces child abuse and felony menacing charges. Look at this woman. Do you think she gives a damn about those charges? She was released on $5,000 surety. Had to look up what that even was. I bet you that this is not the first time Pifer has pulled something like this. When you get around her age you start to get a little more racist, shoplifting, and hording. You don't start waving guns around at kids. Or maybe you do. Check on me in 25 years.

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