Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stripper Ain't Got Time For That!

I think we have found our mother of the year! 29 year old mother/stripper Bobbey Jo Boucher did not have time to talk to police about her missing daughter and cops arrested her goofy ass. She is cute in a damaged kinda way. Her 10 year old daughter was left at a barbecue while Bobbey went to work because laps aren't gonna dance themselves. A few hours later the girls grandmother called police because she hadn't come back home yet. When the police called to speak to her she told them “I have to get on stage” and hung up. When cops got her ass she said that she didn't hang up and that she transferred the call. Since she was being goofy the police couldn’t enter her daughters information into the missing children database. The girl was found around 9pm later that night while Bobbey was arrested and charged with misdemeanor obstruction. She got out after posting $663 in bail. I bet that child was better off running the streets than having another example of a terrible young mother. Oh, and I forgot to mention this was in Florida. This story was so silly I assumed that you would all know that. Or because of her name. I didn't know that name was still around. It's like finding someone named Pearl or Cletus. 

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