Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Three Breasted Lie

You know that chick with three breasts,Jasmine Tridevil, that said she got the extra boob added because she doesn't want to date anymore? Yeah. Her. Turns out that her extra something special is fake! Of course some people are not surprised at all and say they knew it was fake. I on the other hand have close to no faith in humanity at the moment and assumed that someone would be dumb enough to do this. She got outed as being a lying liar who lies when her luggage was stolen at the Tampa International Airport. One of the items in her luggage in the report was listed as a “3 breast prosthesis” that cost $5,000. So while humanity is a hot ass mess we are not yet at a point where girls are getting a third breast to ward off men. Prepare to never hear from this girl by the end of the week. And to whoever created her fake three breasts, get that person a job! And get Jasmine therapy. She needs all the help.

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