Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Very Friendly Skies

VietJet Air is getting some bad publicity for a series of photos that came out showing the stewardesses dressed wearing what they are calling lingerie but I am calling bikinis. Just 'cause you add stockings don't make it lingerie. One of them posted the images on her Facebook page and made the mistake of captioning it “Just finished shooting promo photos for VietJet Air for 12 hours nonstop from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.” VietJet was like, oh no! They had some issues with their women making half naked ass videos a few years back and didn't want this happening again. I say this is just a PR stunt that has been taken the wrong way. Some are saying that the women are being portrayed in a negative way which is silly. Its not like they were sitting there forcing these women to do this or photoshopping their heads on half naked bodies. These women chose to do this.

The development director for the airline Vu Pham Nguyen Tung said “We have yet to decide if we will use these photos or not” to which I say, you should! Why not? Are there more? Are they hotter? Stop hogging all the hotness, you selfish bastards!

I have a reputation with myself for never hooking up with an Asian chick. If you put a Vietnamese woman in front of me I wouldn't know what she was. These chicks are the business. I have no desire to visit their country let alone fly on an airplane, but just knowing that the flight has hot chicks makes me think about it for a moment. No, I do not expect any of the sex from a single one of these women. Sex on a plane sounds like my worst version of fear boner. I doubt there's men that think that this is actually how these women will dress on the plane. Hmm. On second through, maybe there are. Next thing you know men are suing the airline for false advertisement. It'll happen.

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