Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Florida Couple Likes The Public Sex

Much like new beaches in the U.S and flashers, whenever people do nasty things in public chances are they are people you don't want to see doing it. This couple was arrested for having sex in public near a school in Greenacres, Florida. The Florida part is expected but the fact that a place is called Greenacres and isn't one word is just silly. They couldn't eve be bothered to split it into two words. Anyhoot, Danielle Stager who and 26 and Shane Johnson who is 38 were seen by four kids Friday afternoon dropping trow. By the time police showed up both of them were no longer banging near a tree but in their truck...banging. I bet you they have kids. People who have privacy don't do shit like this in public. It is reported that when Danielle spotted the police she said “Shane, we are going to jail.” They were both charged with lewd and lascivious behavior which is a misdemeanor. The are both out after posting bond and having to explain to someone that they were caught having the sex outdoors. Twice.  

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