Sunday, March 15, 2015

Woman Kills Friend With Crock Pot

Ever since I was little I knew that there were certain people that you didn't fuck with or get into arguments with. Not just because having all your teeth is awesome but because you just don't know what other people are going through. A 50 year old woman from Michigan named Tewana Sullivan beat her friend to death with a slow cooker after getting into a political debate.

She was charged with assault with the intent to kill but once the judge found out that the friend was dead he changed it to first-degree murder. How did the judge not know that going in? Court confuses me. This all went down on October 22nd last year. Police got to Cheryl Livy's place in a senior living complex a little before 11pm.

They found her all kinds of bloody and barely breathing. Standing over her was Sullivan saying “I'm sorry. I did it. I'm sorry. I did it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.” She and the walls were covered in blood. Police saw that the cord of the slow cooker was wrapped around Livy's neck. The crock pot was busted over her head first. She died two days later from her injuries.

According to reports, this all started when they got into a political debate about Republicans and Democrats. Yeah. Sullivan beat Livy with the slow cooker and police later confirmed that she was under the influence. What does that mean?! I need to know what these people are drinking, smoking, or eating so I can afford this type of behavior. A medical examiner determined that she died from blunt force trauma and that she did fight back due to scars on Sullivan. While listening to this in court Sullivan cried.

If she is convicted she will get life without the possibility of parole which is a very fitting sentence. There is no bouncing back from this shit. You don't do something like this and show up at work a few weeks later like everything is groovy. I am hoping that there is more to this meaningless ass death than a political debate starting it. Otherwise as soon as someone brings up some shit about the elections I will run out the room or check their appliances.  

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