Sunday, March 8, 2015

Regret Number One

I have very few regrets. It may have to do with a number of mental problems that I have diagnosed myself or have been un-diagnosed with. Either way, when I do something, no matter how fucked it it may seem morally or socially, in my head it has been justified and I will not lose sleep over it. 

While reading an article about Max Landis a story he wrote as a child was mentioned. It got me to thinking about a painting I did as a child that stayed in my 1st grade class years after I had left the school as told to me by a younger cousin that attended the same elementary school. It was the story of an orange whale that wanted to be out of the water.

Mind you, as a child I did not write. I didn't seriously start to write down any of my stories until I was in my mid-20's. I would write people hundreds of letters and draw and that is where the extent of my creativity went. It wasn't until Camille told me she liked one of my characters Royce that I decided to begin seriously writing down these for others to read. Click here if you want to check out his tale. Now the things I do include drawing, writing stories, articles and blogs. I paint sometimes. Do arts and crafts like Perler beads. A few months ago I started teaching myself photo manipulation using Pixlr. I've done hundreds or podcasts. I made an entire series called Doom Mates that went 80 plus episodes. I'm sure I am leaving something out.

Back to the whale.

I wish I had written down a story for this whale named Toby. The reason it had that name isn't because of Moby Dick. I've never even read that story. But when I was little there was an old cartoon that was a spoof of it called Dicky Moe. It was a terrible Tom & Jerry episode. I say terrible because even as a kid I could tell what was bad art and that was bad art. Its like those certain episodes of Darkwing or Tiny Toons there would be an artist that was garbage that'd show up and ruin the entire episode of me. This episode caused me a level of anger that was disproportionate to what was occurring.

Whenever I think of this whale, which happens maybe once every four to five years, I wish I had started writing earlier in my life. I imagine what it would be like if I had started writing at least in my teens on a regular basis what my writing would be like now. Hell, I didn't even read stories a lot growing up. Short ones assigned in class, sure. In high school, yeah. But the only books I'd read for enjoyment were The Stand when I was about 11 or 12 and then Anne Rice books in my late teens. Now I read books all the time and write pretty much every single day. So, yeah. Regret number one.  

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