Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Florida Woman Florida's Too Hard

One thing that I love about Florida is that when someone commits a crime they don't just do one thing. They pile on charges. And by love I mean terrifies me. 31 year old Amie Carter was walking down a street butt ass naked. So far so good. Then she got into traffic, walked in front of someone's car, and started slapping her bass. Then she decided that wasn't enough so she got on top of the car and dented the hood by stomping on it. Not done she threw her cell phone at another car that was not enjoying her performance. When police came to get her she fought back and kicked her legs around. Lucky she wasn't in L.A. Police here shoot you in the chest to say hello. The police reported that she seemed to be “under of the influence (of) a heavy unknown substance” as well as “in an altered mental state.” The damage she did to the car was around $1,500 and she was arrested for exposure of sexual organs and criminal mischief. 

When looking up a photo for Amie I saw that she had quite a few mugshots. What for? I don't care. She's kinda hot in a masturbate in traffic nude and causing damage kind of way. I also saw pictures of her looking normal and in one she appeared to have on a nurses uniform which makes me nervous. I can't believe that she is 31. I am bad at reading ages, specifically with White people as I tend to overestimate by years. But this chick here is a hard 31. The thing that bugs me about these kind of stories is when they don't say what drugs someone was on or what they drank. I don't want to accidentally combine what they did and end up naked in the streets. Again.

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