Friday, March 27, 2015

Father Shoots Son Over Orange Juice

The orange juice game in Louisiana is more real than I could imagine. 58 year old father Eldridge Dukes got into an argument with his 18 year old son after finding out that there was no more orange juice left. 

By the way, never fuck with someone named Eldridge. Its just one of those names that screams trouble. Anyhoot, he and his son got into a fight over this orange juice that was missing and the shouting escalated into a physical fight. I bet a nice cool glass of orange juice is good after a fight. The son broke a vase and after that all bets were off. 

Eldridge grabbed his handgun and chased his own son down the street firing three shots at him. The son was hit in the ass by one of the bullets but suffered no other serious injuries. Eldridge was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter as well as the illegal use of a dangerous weapon. I have talked about stories where families fought over food before but I think this is the most extreme one. Its orange juice. Try explaining that in prison. No one sounds like a badass for shooting at their own son over juice. Liquor...maybe. But not juice.

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