Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Daisy Cutter" by Dante Ross



“DuBois is here.”


Frank DuBois was for lack of a better term a lunatic. After Tony, that's the sir mentioned above, inherited his father's business he also inherited his problems.

Problems like DuBois.

“Did he say what he wants?” Tony asked. His butler, Simmons, shrugged. “That's not a fucking answer and you know it isn't.” Simmons bowed and left the room. Tony slapped his desk and then rubbed his hand.


The last time he heard that name it was while playing blackjack with some associates in Las Vegas a month ago. One of them loved to hear himself talk. His name was Aimes.

Fucking DuBois” Aimes said. That is usually how any story that involved DuBois. “So I'm in Florida trying to get my dick hard but can't because this whore is just not doing it for me.”

“It wouldn't be your coke problem, now would it?” Tony asked. Everyone laughed but Aimes.

“Ha ha ha” Aimes said, ignoring Tony. “Anyways, one of my guys calls me and says that someone with a huge moving truck is here to see me. I ask who it is. Guy says he looks like he means business. I say I don't care what he looks like. Who the fuck is it? So my guy comes back on a few seconds later and says...”

“DuBois” everyone at the table finishes.

“That's right” Aimes says. “Fucking DuBois.” Aimes laughs. “I get rid of the whore and tell my guy to send him up. Guy tells me that DuBois wants me to meet him downstairs. I take my time. Have a drink. A little nose candy.”

“There's that coke problem” Tony says.

“What are you, my fucking mother?” Aimes asks. “Jesus Christ. Can I finish the fucking story or not?” Tony smiles at Aimes. “If you were more like your father...”

“If I were more like my father you wouldn't have wasted my time with details like your whore and drug use” Tony said.

Aimes and Tony stared at one another.

Anyways” Aimes continued. “I get downstairs and there he is, clear as day, fucking DuBois. He's got a huge moving truck. He's doing that thing where he won't look at you, you know?” Everyone nods. “Starts scratching the tip of his nose and smiles at the ground. He says to me 'I have something I think you'd be interested in.' I ask him what it is. He says “Its better to show you.' So he opens up the truck and inside is a fucking bomb.”

“What kind of bomb?” Louis asks. Louis is an old friend of Tony's father.

“The kind that goes boom” Aimes says. He was enjoying the attention. “Says its old but should still work. I says to him, what the fuck use do I have for a bomb? He says 'I heard you have been having problems.' I say none that requires a fucking war machine. Then he just smiles at me and leaves.”

Tony waited at his desk until Simmons returned.

“Sir, Mr. DuBois says that he has something to show you” he said.

“Tell him I'm not interested” Tony said.

“He was quite insistent” Simmons said with a look in his eyes that said please do not make me interact with that man again!

Fucking DuBois” Tony said he as stood.  

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