Saturday, January 3, 2015

Man Gets Beaten To Zombie Pulp

I think this may be the first time I've ever seen someone beat into a zombie. 52 year old William Mattson of South Carolina was messing around with his nephews girlfriend an hour after New Years when his nephew showed up back home and found him on top of the girl. No ages are given for the nephew or the girlfriend. The nephew went boots to asses on his uncle which resulted in this beautiful mugshot. The nephew says that he heard sounds coming from the room he shared with his girlfriend and found his uncle who was fuly clothed on top of his nude girlfriend. 


The uncle says it was consensual while the girlfriend says this was not the case. Mattson says he and the girlfriend were drinking before this started. Double hmm. After the police were called Mattson plead his case to the cops saying the girlfriend was totally down with what happened when the nephew started kicking his ass again. The police did the right thing and didn't charge the nephew for assault but Mattson got charged with first-degree criminal assault and was booked. No bail amount was given.  

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