Friday, January 9, 2015

Dante Vs. Nature 48

Goddamn it, nature! We have a deal. We create buildings and homes to keep you out and in return we don't eat every single one of you. Its a symbiotic relationship that has lasted for centuries but sometimes nature wants to step out of bounds and invade our lives.

Stephanie Lasca of a PR and marketing firm in San Diego was the one that discovered a monster in her toilet. “I thought my eyes were deceiving me. This is every person's worst nightmare.” This is an old building and it is being said that it may have made its way into the toilet from another building.

It is an almost 6 foot long Colombian rainbow boa aka The North American Shit Causer. The animal is currently in an animal control place waiting for its owner who if they are smart just takes a loss. When being removed the snake bit one of the handlers. Lt. Dan DeSousa of the Department of Animal Services said “It's a bit of an unhappy snake, which is understandable. Colombian rainbow boas are known to be nippy.” Why would anyone even own this damned thing? I think snakes look cool and have held them a few times, but owning one is boring as hell. No one should have to worry about being bitten on the ass or worse because you lost track of your pet monster.

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