Friday, January 23, 2015

Drunk Mother And Bulldozed Homes

45 year old Florida mother Angela Woodworth was arrested after her 11 year old son and four of his friends jumped right out of the car she was driving. Why would kids do this? Because mama was loaded. Last Tuesday the four boys ran into a Steak n' Shake in Gainesville after Angela hit a pole while driving. She ended up chasing them inside of the restaurant and screaming at them because Florida. Police found receipts showing that she had bought two pitchers of beer at a bowling alley and four more drinks at a Ruby Tuesday because mama gets thirsty. 

She was arrested and charged with marijuana possession, resisting an officer, and felony child neglect. For some reason she was not hit with a DUI. Judging from her mugshot she doesn't seem all that phased by anything that happened that evening and her son is probably in for a world of hurt when she gets home. I have been in the car with a drunk driver, and let me tell you, that shit is a different kind of fear. I love when you can look at the picture someone is taking during what should be one of the worst moments of their life and they left every fuck to give outside. And their dignity. That shit is worthless. 

Another story involves a man that lives in a level of reality that most of us do not occupy. Diane Andryshak of New York thought that her husband James Rhein was going to be renovating their home, that she owns, but when she came home she discovered that she now owned a new furniture covered parking lot. James bulldozed the house without telling her that he was going to do it. He didn't empty the house and begin this process. Everything was still in that sumbitch when he knocked it all down. 

James says that the foundation was bad and that they were living somewhere else while he was “renovating.” Diane says that they were not having any marital issues before this happened. This is the definition of getting a wild hair up your ass. I do things like this when shaving. Cut my mustache off and then go “Ah, fuck it” and shave everything else off and immediately regret it. Kinda different than knocking a house down. When I shave it doesn't require anyone to relocate or rethink most decisions that they have made that led to this point. 

It is reported that James didn't even let officials know he was doing this. He didn't have the water, power, or gas turned off. Just knocked the shit down which could've ended in disaster. James was charged with criminal mischief and got out on $300 bail. He says he tried to call his wife before he ruined their lives but that she didn't pick up her phone. What does that even mean? If she answered would he have not knocked their home down? What was plan A? 

Diane is staying with a friend now. During an interview James said “We're good. I'm a good husband, what can I tell you?” Something is seriously wrong with a guy that can do something like this and think that everything is okay. I know guys that have caught shit for spilling something on the carpet let alone removing a home from existence. And where did he get a bulldozer from?! Are those things you can rent from a place like a chainsaw? I am gonna keep up with this story because there has to be more to this unless the dude just went fucknuts that day.

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