Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Folks Still Read: Autonomously Yours

I have read a lot of books and don't write reviews as much as I really should. Mostly because people like to say they have no time to read but will post and re-post stuff from Huffington Post and Buzzfeed daily but not take the time to read something I have written. Yes, this is me being bitter.

I have friends that do many forms of creative things so when they want or ask for my help I am grateful because I love the process of creativity. K.N Parker previously wrote a short story called The Death of Death that I reviewed. This story shows that not only can he write longer stories but that he has grown as a writer in this time.

I've read another story that he was working on, one that has nothing to do with either TDOD or this new one Autonomously Yours, that blew my mind. The way his brain works is on a strange wavelength that I dip my toes into but have not truly dove into. Autonomously Yours is a story that will make you laugh, cringe, and question not only the future in terms of robotics but also relationships and letting go.

This is the story of a robotics engineer named Dr. Harold Okamura that is given the chance to create a realistic robot. I don't mean realistic as in “Oh, look. It thinks its people!” I mean it looks, feels, and behaves like an actual human. And it is built to look, act, and do anything you want.


This leads to a trial period involving testing with various clients with intentions that I'll leave up to you to discover. With the list of films coming out that are being made about robots, AI, and the future its nice to read a story that is actually original. And for anyone wondering if I am doing this just because I know the author if this was terrible I'd be obligated to let him know. Thankfully he is a far superior writer than me and writes stories that I like to read.

You can purchase the story in multiple formats by CLICKING HERE. I bought the physical copy.

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