Sunday, January 25, 2015

Teachers Sex Trip

Ooh, teachers. I know a few folks that are teachers and ones that used to be. As far as I know none of them have boned any of their students. Two teachers at South Hills High in West Covina have for sure boned some students. Insert Jamaican horns and cheering. If you are someone that is easily offended you should stop reading right now and assume that I am gonna say a lot of terrible shit.

38 year old Melody Lippert and 30 year old Michelle Ghirelli were arrested last Saturday after it was found out that they took a trip with students and had the sex. No, the school had nothing to do with this trip. The teachers took these kids on a trip, had the sex, and as always one of the boys got lippy and word spread. Probably from jealous female students. This is where I get worse.

I wish that some teacher would have had sex with me in school. Pick an age and I don't care! If one of my teachers that I thought was even okay looking asked me to go on a trip with her I would have put a hole in my wall Kool Aid Man style. For anyone screaming child molestation and or/ how if it were male teachers doing this that I would think differently. You're right and I have mentioned this on previous blogs where I talked about teachers doing nasty shit here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The story doesn't end there because another teacher at the same school is in trouble for not shutting his mouth about the students that went on the trip with the teachers shut. Sean Kane had no dog in this fight but threw his hat in the ring (oh, the euphemisms!) and now he is in trouble. He posted this statement online that was taken down but since this is the internet it is never really gone and it got around and now his dumb ass is in trouble.

On Wednesday the school found out what he wrote and his goofy ass is now sitting at home damning his fingers. He is on paid administrative leave and the spokeswoman for the district said that his comments were not appropriate for a teacher to be saying. After hearing about his suspension students were outraged and went on Twitter to protest it using the hashtag or pound symbol for those of us over 32 #FreeKanecampaign.

Hearts are in the right place but all's this did is bring attention to the fact that this guy is an idiot that is guilty of the same thing he was condemning. A hotline is being created for students to anonymously report anything that they think may have been done wrong by their teachers. “They are going to get through this. They are going to pull through.” This isn't a goddamn school shooting! Some teachers fucked some kids they shouldn't have!  

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