Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Trucker, School Bus, And A Naked Woman

A truck driver in Florida rear ended a school bus with fifteen children was stopped earlier that same day by police. “The truck had apparently run off the road completely once. Something was totally distracting him” an officer said. Yeah. Something like a naked ass woman! When ambulances and police arrived there was a bruised naked woman in the drivers truck. Two children were seriously hurt but released later that night. It seems that the bus was stopped and getting set to release some children when the driver noticed a big ass log truck flying down the road and not even attempting to slow down. The bus driver gunned it to soften to impact which helped and not something I would think to do. My reaction is to stand in the road until the truck got close enough and then kick through the windshield. The impact pushed the bus almost 100 yards before stopping. There is no information stating whether or not the trucker was arrested but I am guessing not because Florida.  

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