Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cuddlr App aka Friendzone App

There is this new app for iPhone's called Cuddlr. It is GPS based like those others apps that let you hookup and bone people. With this you go there and it shows how close you are to someone else who wants to cuddle and you can even read reviews about their cuddling skills as well as a picture of them. You are allowed to even report the person if their cuddle game is bad or too sexual. I already know which end of the spectrum I'd fall on. There is an age limit of 17 which seems way too young to be using this. Hell, even 18 is pushing it.

You know as well as I do that cuddling can easily turn sexual. If I can cuddle with a woman and have it not turn sexual that means that I am 100% sure that there is no chemistry between us and my wang won't even waste its time asking for attention. The site says that they have safety measures. Hopefully a 911 app because you know someone is gonna get carried away.

“We ban anyone who is consistently using it improperly. We don't share your location until you've indicated that you do actually want to cuddle this person, and you can block anyone if you don't want them to even see you on the app.” Yeah, but this is all after the fact. I wonder how hard it is to turn a bad cuddler down. Do you just get up and leave? Scoot away from them? Who picks the position? What if you want to be the little spoon and they do as well? So many questions!  

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