Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Police Release Drunk Zombie Into Society

Police in New York caught a drunk zombie driving down the road and arrested her. Then they set her free! Her name is Catherine Butler and she is 26 years old and should know better. She got busted for driving drunk with a blood alcohol level of .11. The legal limit is .08 in most places. It was close to 2am so she was coming from a party where she obviously got wasted and no action. The police also slapped on operating a vehicle with no headlights. 

So this girl was dressed as a zombie, drunk, and driving in the dark. How many wrongs can you accomplish in one day? Turns out a few more.

Her friend picked her up from jail and took her drunk ass back home where normal people would just be glad that they didn't have to stay in jail overnight and sleep it off. 

But not Catherine. Catherine was like “I'm not as turnt up as much as I should be.” This is that thing where having a friend that makes sure you don't do dumb shit is a really good thing. There are some people that when they drink become just terrible assholes. Maybe that was the case here.

Less than three fucking hours later she was arrested again when cops caught her swerving! She got another DWI because her blood alcohol level was .09. Turns out that she has been arrested for this dumb shit a few times before in 2006 (which means she was 18 at the time) and in 2011. Those charges were reduced to impaired driving which is why her dumb ass still has her license. She shouldn't anymore. Fuck suspension. Toss her in for reals prison for a year or two and never allow her to drive ever again. She obviously can not handle the responsibility of controlling a machine. 


How did she get her car back? Did the police let her keep it? Don't those things get impounded? So many questions! The only thing that would have made this mugshot even better is if she still had some of the makeup on. But she showered, got cleaned up, and left the house. Where could she have possibly been going at that time of morning?


KJ said...

At least she wasn't a black cosplaying anime character.

Dante said...

I was set to write all about people in Black face wearing Ray Rice and his wife he beat as costumes. Then I realized I just couldn't look at the pictures anymore. There were too many.