Thursday, October 2, 2014

Psychos Waste Food

I heard about this story a few days ago and was happy when I heard tha they caught this chicken wasting son of a bitch. 18 year old Gabriel Quintero and three other idiots aged 15 – 17 were booked on felony animal cruelty and burglary after breaking into a Foster Farms ranch, yes that Foster Farms, in Caruthers, CA and killing almost 1,000 chickens. That is a shit ton amount of chicken. That's like 2,000 drumsticks gone to waste. The police were able to find evidence that led to these arrests.

“Once they were inside...used a golf club, we believe, (or) possibly some other type of instrument, to maliciously kill several hundred chickens” Deputy Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department said. Foster Farms as well as animal rights groups put up reward money to catch whoever had done this. Who knows what these assholes will get charged with but whatever it is I hope it involves getting hit with golf clubs. I'm not even huge into animal rights. I just hate food being wasted. Might I add that this 18 year old looks about 45.

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