Thursday, October 23, 2014

Give Me A B! Give Me A J!

There is a 24 year old gym teacher that was just charged with 30 counts of statutory rape for having sex with a 16 year old student. I was gonna write about that until I saw this story. There are a few things that surprised me about it, none of them being the fact that a teacher had sex with a student. That's just something that is in the news every week now. Each week there is a young teacher that is female and sleeping with a student. When I first hear these stories after getting over my initial jealousy I wonder what they looked like. It seems that teachers are way hotter than they were when I was growing up. My hottest teacher couldn't hold a candle to the ones running 'round these days.

What surprised me about this was that this substitute teacher was Black. Yes. That surprised me. Most of these stories have been about hot White chicks. What also surprised me was that she is only 22 years old. How in the fuck can you be a teacher at that age? And lastly, this teacher wasted no time getting into trouble by fucking a student. It was her first day.

While the rest of the school was at a pep rally Symone Greene of D.C was busy raising something other than spirits. A 17 year old student gave the teacher his number. Keep in mind, this is all in one day. He asked Symone is she was kinky and she replied “I don't tell ;) I show.” Now, I'm not saying what she said was right...but it was perfect.

The student recorded the teacher giving him a blowjob on his phone. The student told her to perform sex act on him that equal his football jersey number. I wish I knew what that number was. Symone told him to chill because she was worried about getting into trouble. Gee, why would a substitute that gets filmed giving head to a student on her first day of work get into trouble? The student started showing the video to his friends and the next thing you know she is freaking out.

“Please be real with me did u run ur mouth. I'm so scared. I swear imma cry.” Little did she know the police had the phone at this point and her ass was busted. She was charged with first degree sexual abuse of a minor and being the thirstiest teacher on the planet. And I am mad that a teacher would write that way. But then again I shouldn't be too surprised since at her age she just got out of high school. And by the way, if you're one of those people that still take pictures giving the middle finger: stop. There are easier ways to let people know you're an asshole. 

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