Monday, October 6, 2014

Gone, Granny, Gone

This is what happens when you have young grandmothers. 53 year old Stacey Shannon of Pittsburgh decided that she knew a great way of babysitting that involves no hassle. It's called child abandonment. Her daughter dropped a one year old baby off with Stacey (9 out of 10 women with that name are terrible humans) around 8am. More than half of the day later she couldn't get in touch with her mother so she called the police. They went to the house and couldn't get in so they called the other daughter that has a key. They go inside and find the baby with soda and some pizza asleep on the couch. A little after 1am Stacey comes walking in like “What the problem is?” She told police she had been out boozing and lost track of time. That's some good alcohol. She faces a charge of endangering the welfare of a child and the baby was returned to its mother. Whenever I hear stories about this I always think about the holidays and how shitty they will be because someone did something so stupid. But I can bet you that this woman got mad that her family got the police involved and is taking no responsibility for leaving a baby alone all day. This is a one year old human. One year old anything else can survive at that age. Not us though. 

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