Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Man Offs Himself Over Buffet

Can you imagine being so upset about having your lifetime free pass to a buffet in Vegas taken that you kill yourself? Well, this guy that had obvious mental disorders named John Noble had that happen and he killed himself. My cousin J. tagged me in this story to check out and I was hoping that there was more to it than the fact that he got that angry and sad that he killed himself. He went to the M Resort and left a 270 page long suicide note before heading to the buffet and blowing his brains out. 

He had his lifetime pass revoked because he was harassing a female employees. The first time he had it revoked was in 2013 after he stalked a woman and threatened to kill himself. That got him a stay in a mental hospital. He got the lifetime pass five years ago so it isn't like this was something he was doing since he was a kid and just his way of life. Along with the way too long suicide note he sent pictures and a DVD to the Las Vegas Review Journal before killing himself. In it he details all of the gifts he gave the women. Its always weird to me when guys get upset at women when they aren't picking up what they're putting down. Chicks aren't into that crazy shit. I mean, they are, but, like, when you are a hot guy. Hot guys get away with murder. Literally. They can kill their woman and another one will want them.  

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