Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Flakka Strikes Again

A guy in Melbourne, Florida was arrested after taking a drug, it is being said it was that flakka stuff I wrote about last week, and having sex with a tree and fighting a cop. 41 year old Kenneth Crowder was seen running through a neighborhood screaming that he was God and having sex with nature. 

When police came and found him he had clothes on. The cop says Crowder approached him acting all kinds of crazy so he zapped his ass twice with a Taser. It did nothing because, well, Florida. 

Crowder yanked the barbs from the Taser out and punched the cop and tried to stab him with his own badge. When the cop punched him he called himself Thor. Crowder was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer but get this...he was released after posting bond. The officer is doing okay and we now have another case of this crazy ass drug making people do crazy ass things. How much does it cost to get out of jail for having tree sex and stabbing a cop? They don't say how much but judging from this guys mugshot I can't imagine it had to be all that much. 

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