Friday, April 3, 2015

Florida Woman Arrested For Making Lunch Better

This chick in Florida, 26 year old Jaclynn Glover aka Jaclynn Lussier, was arrested for being awesome. Now, I know that judging from her mugshot she isn't anything magical but I've seen other pictures of her and she is kinda the business. 

While at a restaurant she took off her bathing suit top which automatically makes lunch better. After that she sat down and started rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples rings or as the police report says “groped her breasts in a sexual nature.” I feel like I should be writing this slower. 

After some party pooper at the restaurant asked her to cover up she did. Bunch of prudes. She was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior as well as causing a disturbance by exposing her breasts. Oh, and using vulgar language. Her bond has been set at $7,620 and I am disappointed that no one has set up a Kickstarter to free her yet. Zach Braff wants to make another new movie no one wants to see and it gets funded but we can't get a few grand together to free this girl?! Come on, 'Merica! 

This is another one where when I looked her up there were a few mugshots. Some reports say that she also has a kid and for some reason when I hear of someone doing something like this, particularly a chick, I assume that they have a kid at home. Not sure why but I tend to be correct when I make that assumption. I think its a thing of where after having a kid at some point mama needs to cut loose but they keep it in so long that when they do it goes too damned for for society. 

Thing is though, if this chick did this in public but had her baby with her folks wouldn't make such a big deal out of it. Jaclynn has a very active social account that shows her drinking, in bathing suits, and drinking while wearing bathing suits. Check 'em out if you want. Or...just wait till she gets out and gets hungry.  

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