Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kids These Days 51

Every time I see a story like this one I think of how different I would look if I tried this shit with my parents. A 13 year old kid in Dayton, Ohio which is in a death race to be as strange as Florida got upset when his mother took his cell phone away when he didn't want to clean up his room. 

First this kid spit on his mother then threw a Gatorade bottle at his stepfather because you're not my real dad! Thankfully this didn't happen in the 80's when them shits was made of heavy, thick glass. We'd be talking about murder. Then he went outside and saw the family 2001 Honda Accord and I guess it looked at him funny because he jumped on the roof of it and smashed in its windshield. The damage was about $1,000 and he was charged with assault and vandalism. No matter how mad I got at my parents growing up I never tried to hit them. Know why? They knew were I slept and Black people have long memories and short tempers.

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