Monday, April 13, 2015

African Pastor Kissing African Asses

KP told me about this pastor in Africa somewhere that was kissing asses to bless them. Well, not one to leave anything a mystery I decided to look this up and great googly moogly there is indeed an image of a man kissing a bunch of Black lady asses on a beach. I added the Brazzers logo because that's where my brain goes. And if you don't know what that logo means then bless your heart. 

There is nothing to confirm who this guy is or if he is really blessing a lot of asses or he is just blessed with the most luck any man has ever had. The story goes that these women were told at a prayer retreat that they needed to strip and get on all fours so he could kiss their asses. I can't help but feel jealous while writing this. They ask why and he says that they would receive blessings and get a husband. Hmm. Sounds legit to me. 

I could see something like this being a real thing and done by a bunch of religious folk. If you can be convinced that giving your hard earned money to church then having your ass kissed for a mate is not outside of the realm of possibilities. There is a thing about kissing the asshole of the devil. I am not making this up. Osculum infame is the name of a ritual witches do when they meet the devil. It means “the kiss of shame.” You'd crawl to his bent over ass, kiss it, then eat. Sounds like what a woman with no self respect would do. So yeah. Now you know two new things. African women having their asses kissed to get a husband and this strange ass ritual. But seriously. I think that is Mr. Marcus. I know that baseball cap anywhere. 

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