Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Best Woman/Worst Mother Alive Part 2 (More Information)

That hot mom I recently wrote about (click here to check that out and hate me a little bit more) Rachel Lehnardt is a little bit worse than I originally thought. For those that don't know, after telling her sponsor that she had sex with a couple of teen boys at a party for her 16 year old daughter, smoking pot, and getting drunk she was arrested. Well, her husband James Lehnardt who is 37, an Iraq War veteran, and being treated for PTSD wants custody of their five children. He is accusing Rachel of leaving their children alone for weeks at a time while she goes to visit her boyfriend. Yes. I am fully aware that in one paragraph I mentioned that she has slept with two teens, has a boyfriend, and is still married.

One week before Rachel was arrested for Sex Fest 2015 James went to court for custody of their children. They have been separated for the past six months after she first filed for divorce from him. They have been married since 2000. James said that Rachel played nude Twister and took bubble baths with their teen daughter and her 16 year old boyfriend (that she would later bang) and gave “advice to teenagers less than 17 years of age about oral, anal, and vaginal sex.” He also threw in that Rachel's boyfriend smokes pot and uses Ecstasy and has also taken LSD. I would ask how he knows all of this but Rachel seems like the kinda person that would openly share this kind of information but James says that his children told him this.

A judge told Rachel that she could take a urine, blood, or hair test to combat these allegation and she was like “No thanks.” Yeah, in case any of you don't know they can test for drugs by using your hair so you can stop drinking those cleansing drinks. The judge also said that Rachel didn't want to answer any questions that would make her look more guilty. Temporary custody of the children has been given to the grandparents. They are gonna have the weirdest Thanksgiving ever.

James has stated that he is retired from the US Army for medical reasons citing PTSD, anxiety/depression disorder, and being treated for sexual addiction to pornography. I'd say anyone that has had to kill someone for a living is allowed to be addicted to jerking it. He also said that he “did not participate in any of the wife's current behavior during the marriage.” Well, that's good to hear. If a guy did half the shit his wife did he'd already be on death row.

Recently the 16 year old daughter wrote on her Twitter account about all of this. “Yes my mom was arrested. Yes she made some mistakes. Yes she is an alcoholic. Yea I've fucked up too. But nobody deserves this shit. So stop.” Nope. She continued saying that her mother “used to be a great mom” and “Everyone screwed up at some point.” She also mentioned the fact that her mother was raped by the 16 year old that she had sex with and not the 18 year old she thought she was having sex with. “She was passed out drunk and he was wasted of his ass. She didn't have sex with a 16 year old she was raped by one.” All of that is [sic]. I try not to write that badly. She also says the guy was not her boyfriend. Whether he was her boyfriend or not, that dude is still a rapist. Weird no one is pursuing that. 

After the party Rachel looked up some Alcoholics Anonymous groups to join. She says that she never touched alcohol before splitting with her husband James...and she has been a lifelong member of the Mormon church and was once a teacher there. Case closed! This has all been solved now. You can not be a Mormon and then in your 30's be cut free. Know why? You are gonna cram every bit of bad shit that you never got to do into as short a time as possible once you are set free. Plus teachers are freaky deaky.

Her lawyer, Shawn Hammon, released a statement saying “Mrs. Lehnardt acknowledges that due to recent alcohol abuse she engaged in several acts of inappropriate conduct. Although, many of the allegations are exaggerated, she is extremely remorseful for what she allowed to occur in her presence and is obtaining professional and pastoral counseling to ensure that this conduct is never repeated.” Yeah. Because we have already seen how well church has worked for her so far. With the combination of all that is happening in her life I give her about four months before she offs herself. I know the rules.  

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